Monsters and giants have always played an important part in folklore and fiction. There has been a lot of speculation of whether some of these creatures exist in reality or not. People claiming to have witnessed some of them have aroused those speculations and have created a lot of curiosity about them. There has also been an element of fear involved in it as monsters and giants are known to be something that are dangerous and that can be harmful.

One of the most popular of such creatures that is believed to be in reality is the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot Justify Fullis a large, hairy half-human and half-ape like creature. It is known to be about 6 to10 feet tall, is tremendously huge, and walks upright on its legs. It is supposedly known to inhabit, mainly, in forests, in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

There have been known to be a number of alleged interactions between humans and the Bigfoot. Many people have claimed to have seen it, which adds to the curiosity of the creature. The search for the Bigfoot has been going on for years. But all that has been found are some large footprints, some hazy pictures and videos, and endless stories about the Bigfoot.

Similar to the Bigfoot is the Yeti or the Snowman. The Yeti is known
to inhabit in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Like the Bigfoot, the Yeti is a large, furry and half-human and half-ape like creature. The Yeti is also, at times, known as the Asian version of the Bigfoot. It is almost of the same size of the Bigfoot and like the Bigfoot there have only been footprints, pictures, videos, and stories about the Yeti.

The pictures and videos of both the Bigfoot and the Yeti are highly
inconclusive. There is not much that can be said about their existence on the basis of these and other evidences. Many of these evidences have been proved to be hoaxes.

But, this does not mean that the Bigfoot and the Yeti do not at all exist. Like the Bigfoot and the Yeti, there has been another creature that was known to be a myth and non-existent, until it was
discovered. This creature is known as the giant squid. The giant squid is of a tremendous size, compared to the normal and smaller squids.

There have been many ancient stories about the giant squid. A number of sailors had claimed to see the giant squid, which perhaps gave rise to the legends of sea-monsters. Throughout the years all the claims of the giant squid were considered to be false and it was termed as a mythical creature.

All this was proved wrong when a few years ago a dead giant squid
was found at a sea-side. Later, very recently, a number of live pictures and videos of the giant squid have been taken in its natural habitat. A giant squid has been found to be as large as 45 feet long. The giant squid is a creature that very much exists in this world.

If a giant squid can exist then there is no reason why the Bigfoot or the Yeti cannot exist. Such creatures are known to be in such habitats where there is no or very little human life. The Bigfoot and the Yeti are known to live in hilly and snowy regions, which make them very difficult to be spotted. Because they are known to inhabit in such remote areas, it becomes unlikely to get hardcore evidence about them.

Likewise, the giant squid has been living in the sea for a number of years until it was recently discovered. The sea is a gigantic water body and most of it is yet to be discovered by humans. No one knows what lies deep down beneath the sea. There may be a number of yet to be discovered and identified creatures that may be living in the sea.

Another very popular monster-like creature is the Loch Ness Monster. This is known to be a dinosaur-like monster that lives in the lake of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. But, unlike the Bigfoot and the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster seems to be very unlikely to exist. There have been very few inconclusive pictures and videos. There have also been sonar readings of it in the lake. But, all these evidences are very weak even when compared to those of the Bigfoot and the Yeti. Despite this, the Loch Ness Monster is something that is highly popular among people, which keeps on adding to its speculation.

Giants, if looked from another perspective, may not really be that mysterious kind of creatures as they seem to be. If we look properly, then there have been some well-known giants that have been openly living with humans and are not at all mysterious.

The Blue Whale is one such creature. The blue whale is the largest mammal in the world. They can be as large as 100 feet long, which is a humongous size. The anaconda is also known to be of a huge size. Usually anacondas are found to range between 20 to 25 feet long. The largest snake to be discovered is a 33 feet long python. These can also be considered as giants in their own right. The difference is that they are quite well known. So, if these giants can exist among us then there is a possibility that some of the other giants may also be existing.

There are also claims of the existence of giant anacondas. There have been sightings of anacondas that are about 35 to 40 feet long. European explorers during the discovery of South America have reported to have witnessed anacondas ranging up to as long as 50 feet. But, nothing much can be said about them.

The so-called monsters also may not exactly be the monsters that they are believed to be. It is quite possible that some people might have witnessed a unique or rare species of animal and that have been misinterpreted and given rise to the legends of dangerous monsters. In ancient times when irrationality and superstition was at its peak, many people could have spread rumours about some unknown animal and might have given its name to be a monster.

Also, out of fear a person might misinterpret any common animal to be a monster. Scientists claim that the Bigfoot and the Yeti might actually be a huge bear or a gorilla that have been misinterpreted as these unknown creatures.

Whatever it is, monsters and giants have become topics of immense interest. The more stories there are about them the more mysterious they become.

Cryptozoology is a field that studies such unknown, legendary, and non-existent creatures. It is focused in searching these creatures and knowing about them in a much better way. Cryptozoologists put in a great amount of effort to look out for such creatures, which scientists usually do not believe in. The creatures that are studied in cryptozoology are known as cryptids. Thus, the Bigfoot, the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, and the giant anaconda, all come under the category of criptids.

Like the giant squid, other animals like the Mountain gorilla or the mega mouth shark were once dismissed as myths but were later discovered. Such discoveries work as a big motivation for cryptozoologists and encourage them a great deal to look out for similar so-called legendary and mythical animals. These discoveries also create a lot of curiosity among the common man.

Monsters and giants are known to be mythical creatures. But, recent discoveries have shown that some of these creatures are very much a part of reality. This gives a sense of hope that one day other similar creatures may also be discovered.

It would be very intriguing if one day the most popular and the most searched of such creatures, the Bigfoot and the Yeti, are discovered. Knowing that these legendary creatures actually exist will be a subject of immense fascination and excitement. Who knows that the Bigfoot and the Yeti might be waiting out there, in some remote area, to be discovered by cryptozoologists?

Saif Farooqi

A PhD in Psychology (from the University of Delhi). I have been blogging about psychological issues for more than ten years. I am extremely passionate about teaching psychology. I'm a writer, podcaster, and TEDx speaker. I also conduct workshops and awareness programs in schools and colleges. Currently, I'm also working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India


Shalini said...

Very informative post.........the topic initially did not arouse any interest but as I started reading the article, I found it very interesting!

Deepika said...

educational and interesting :)
liked it

Saif Farooqi said...

@ Shalini
I'm glad that you found it informative and interesting :)

@ Deepika
Its really nice to know that you liked it :)

TF said...

As far as underwater creatures are concerned there is a chance that some unknown monster is waiting to be discovered. This is because only a small portion of the oceans have been explored by man till now. But I don't think there is any chance of finding a monster on land. All claims of discovering Bigfoot and Yeti have been found to be hoaxes. The most recent one being the highly publicized Big Foot discovery last year (2008). Even CNN covered the news (link: Bigfoot Body Found) but it was found to be a hoax later on.

Saif Farooqi said...

@ Tipu Bhai (Tausif)
I agree that it is more likely that there may be an unknown creature waiting to be discovered underwater compared to the land, for obvious reasons. but i think there are a few land areas where it is not really possible for humans to go. the weather conditions and many other things make it almost impossible for humans to visit such places. there may be a possibility that such creatures may be inhabiting in those kind of places and that's why they have not yet been discovered. i know its very unlikely but i don't think that there's no chance at all ... there may be a very slight possibility ... who knows? :)

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that there is so much more on this planet that is yet to be discovered by man.

I will not be surprised if they do find evidences of any unknown species because there is no reason why they should not exist.

Like you have mentioned, there are still some parts of the world that remains untouched by civilization (thankfully so).

Thank you for sharing. I truly enjoyed reading it. Always keeps me wanting to return for more. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great blog, Saif! Just curious, do you listen to Coast to Coast AM with George Noory? It used to be hosted by Art Bell who, incidentally, once appeared on The X-Files as himself. I don't mean to go off on a tangent here, but the subject matter looks like it would be right up your alley. You can hear an audio stream online. No, I don't work for them! You would know that because you've seen my blog! It's just that I listen to that show regularly, and I was excited to see that your blog discusses similar things.

Saif Farooqi said...

@ Sheeba
Its really good to know that we both have the same views about the existence of such creatures :)

@ E
No, i haven't listened to it. but now that you have told me about it, i will definitely be looking forward to hear it. i'll look for that stream or maybe i'll ask you about it some day ... and thanks for the appreciation. :)

Jeunelle Foster said...

We are capable of pulling up some monsters from the recesses of the mind alright. What we conjure up from the dark deep comes to haunt us. We use our imagination to look deep into a black waters and viola our imagination runs wild, we hallucinate and scare ourselves to death. :)

Saif Farooqi said...

@ Jeunelle
yeah, most of the times this is what a monster actually turns out to be and i mentioned that in my post that many a times people misinterpret something to be a monster.
but then again there have been a few times when a so-called mythical creature has been found to exist in reality (as mentioned in the post). so, you never know ... :)

Goddy: An Unbreakable Spirit said...

Hi there! There are things in this world that are inexplicable. And truth really is stranger than fiction.

Saif Farooqi said...

@ Goddy
yeah, even i feel the same way, but i also feel that we should be constantly looking for explanations of such things rather than just accepting them to be inexplicable and not do anything about it. i mean to say that they might be inexplicable but this should not stop us for looking for explanations.

intrepidideas said...

Wow... That's more than I expected. Nice post.

Saif Farooqi said...

@ intrepidideas
Nice to know that you found this post to be better than your expectations ...

pharmacy said...

there's many pictures, video clips, testimonials, witnesses and a lot of other prove about the existense of this beings, but the real hard part, is prove that all this is true.